The port of Google’s HDR+ camera shows how much camera software matters

The quality of the images you get out of a smartphone aren’t just a product of the lenses and the sensor. The image processing also has a huge impact; things like noise processing and sharpening all happen after you tap the shutter. Sometimes that post-processing is crummy, and if you’ve used older Galaxy phones or any Sony or LG phones, you exactly how crummy it can get. So we know that bad post-processing can negatively effect an image, but can good post-processing improve them?

Well, last week a developer ported Google’s Camera HDR+ app to other devices with modern Snapdragon processors, so we can see for ourselves.

Here’s an HDR’ed image:


And here’s the normal image from roughly the same time:


I mean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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