Working Google Camera mod for HTC U12 Plus

For all five of you rocking an HTC U12 Plus, I’ve finally found a Google Camera mod that works. If you’re not up on all this, these modded Google Camera apks give you Google’s excellent HDR+ on non-Pixel phones.

1. Download the first APK from this post

2. Install the apk as normal

2. Launch the app, then head to settings.

3. Go to Advanced, go to ‘Fix Camera API2’, and toggle ‘Force HDR+ Enhanced’ to ON

I’ll probably do another post with some samples.

The port of Google’s HDR+ camera shows how much camera software matters

The quality of the images you get out of a smartphone aren’t just a product of the lenses and the sensor. The image processing also has a huge impact; things like noise processing and sharpening all happen after you tap the shutter. Sometimes that post-processing is crummy, and if you’ve used older Galaxy phones or any Sony or LG phones, you exactly how crummy it can get. So we know that bad post-processing can negatively effect an image, but can good post-processing improve them?

Well, last week a developer ported Google’s Camera HDR+ app to other devices with modern Snapdragon processors, so we can see for ourselves.

Here’s an HDR’ed image:


And here’s the normal image from roughly the same time:


I mean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯